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The PC Gaming Weekspot

Dec 8, 2020

On this week's show, we discuss Oscar Isaac in the Metal Gear Solid movie, the departures at BioWare, we've got a Twin Mirror review for you and loads more. It's time for your recap of the last seven days in PC video gaming.


In Headlines and Hot Takes, we discuss Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac being cast as Snake in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie (and we cast the rest of the film ourselves), there's some chat on what the recent departures at BioWare could mean (the answer is maybe nothing?) and Colm tells a very sad story involving the Nvidia 3060 Ti in Tech Corner.


In Show And Tell, Colm goes in on his time with the very underwhelming, and times a bit funny, Twin Mirror. He had a much nicer time with wholesome stealth game, El Hijo - A Wild West Tale. Meanwhile, Matthew's been playing the Playdead-inspired, combat-heavy Unto The End. 


Because of the Dragon Age talk in the last few days (and the news we anticipate coming from The Game Awards), this week's Mystery Steam Reviews is all about western RPGs. It results in maybe the oddest MSR ever. And we round out the show by opening The Weekspot mailbag in Burning Questions.


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