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The PC Gaming Weekspot

Feb 23, 2021

Like a lot of people, Colm saw that announcement trailer for Knockout City last week and thought, "that seems like a game I will never play, but I hope the people that do end up getting it have a lovely time with it." Then he ended up playing this past weekend's beta for about three hours.


But, before we get onto the...

Feb 16, 2021

Developers and publishers adapted last year. Instead of announcing their games on a big stage, they turned to Zoom calls. In lieu of an all-encompassing mega event, some decided to highlight their wares on their own special livestreams. So, is E3 pointless in 2021?


Headlines and Hot Takes is full of chat on the ESA's...

Feb 9, 2021

All BioWare had to do to garner some love from their dejected fanbase was partially remake the first Mass Effect, and also remaster its two sequels. Stick with what works.


Obviously, Headlines and Hot Takes is full of chat on all the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition news that's come out in the last week, like the DLC...

Feb 2, 2021

Bloober Team’s latest seemed to split reviewers when the embargo lifted last week. Some hailed it as a game of the year contender, whilst others claimed it was the drizzling poos. The name of the game perfectly sums up Colm’s feelings on The Medium.


But, before we turn our attention to The Medium, there’s the...