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The PC Gaming Weekspot

Apr 27, 2021

While the original didn’t garner much fanfare over 10 years ago, the success of Nier Automata had people excited about Nier Replicant. And, by all accounts, the general public has enjoyed it much more this time around than they did back in 2010.


Thank god for the update of the old game, because we didn’t have tons...

Apr 20, 2021

We hope your interest in Resident Evil Village goes beyond the tall woman with the pale face, because we're going deep on the next big game of 2021, on this week's episode of The Weekspot.


The latest Resident Evil Showcase was always going to dominate this week's Headlines & Hot Takes. Firstly, we chat about the 

Apr 13, 2021

Ever since the demo failed to wow people back in February, it was pretty clear that Outriders had a ceiling. Not an outrageously low ceiling, but a ceiling nonetheless. Still, even with launch issues a lack of anything extraordinary, it's actually a pretty decent video game.


But, before myself and Matthew spoke about...

Apr 6, 2021

This is a slightly different episode of The Weekspot. We had to record a little earlier because of the Easter weekend in the UK, and Matthew wasn’t able to come on because of prior commitments.


So, instead of talking to himself for an hour and a half, Colm drafted in two lovely guests: Josh Wise of VideoGamer and...