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The PC Gaming Weekspot

Sep 21, 2021

After getting a taste last week, both myself and Matthew have spent the last few days in Blackreef. We've been enjoying doing the same things over and over. Yeah, Deathloop is pretty good.


Before we chat about our looping adventures in Arkane's FPS, we discuss the recently leaked Nvidia GeForce Now list. You're not going to win any prizes for guessing that some of these games will come to PC, but the prospect of others is a little bit more exciting. I mean, I know I could really go for some Titanfall 3. But, it is all pure speculation at this point. But, everyone loves a bit of that, anyway, don't they?


For the second week in a row, the game that makes up the majority of our conversation is Deathloop. We've both played it now and mostly agree it is a belter. There are a few minor caveats, but overall it's one you should definitely make time for. Also, I've been playing Kena: Bridge Of Spirits. And, yeah, The Rot are definitely the highlight.


This week's Mystery Steam Reviews focuses on video games with robot protagonists. And we round out the show by opening The Weekspot mailbag to answer your Burning Questions on comfort food, games we replay, and fursonas.


00:00 Intro

08:13 Information Snacks For Your News Gobs

17:51 Titanfall 3, God Of War, and the leaked GeForce Now list

32:43 Sir Clive Sinclair of ZX Spectrum fame passed away

36:43 Deathloop Review

1:04:33 Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Review

1:19:59 Mystery Steam Reviews

1:46:52 Burning Questions


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